Whimsical Wedding Photo Shoot

I am constantly amazed when I style a shoot, how it can even possible to make it better from the last. It shows that imagination is a magical ingredient that makes your dreams come true.

The day was made all the more delightful working with talented photographers, being fired up and enthusiastic by the different sets on the day.

While having a buffet lunch in the bale barn, the creative group shared laughter making the whole day fun for all. I find it fascinating to see the end results from each photographer who are talented in their own way.

They photograph the same styled shoot as each other, yet produce different effects, like we all have individual handwriting, though we might be writing the same words.

The photographers brought inspiration and fun to the day. They were a lovely group and very appreciative.

Whipley Manor Farm has vistas all around, giving a feast for the eyes. A massive thank you to Caitlin Fahy for loan of her pony, Moonshine Boy and a big thank you to Vicki Glynn for the loan of her stunning show cob, Red Rock. These horses were stars in their own right, with personality and endearing natures.

Christine and William were the ideal couple having only recently married. Their love for each other shone throughout the day. Their rescue dog thoroughly enjoyed being photographed, and looked like a real diva on the trailer.

The hens were yet another extra to enhance the shoot. My helper worked tirelessly with me through challenging weather elements, such as gusty winds blowing props off the table in the Orchard. Luckily the sun finally arrived in the afternoon and a massive thank you to photographer Nikki Sheffield for the use of her stunning images which you see here. The full set of images are on her blog – www.nikkisheffieldphotographer.co.uk.

2014-06-04_0001 2014-06-04_0002 2014-06-04_0003 2014-06-04_0004 2014-06-04_0005 2014-06-04_0006 2014-06-04_0007 2014-06-04_0008 2014-06-04_0009 2014-06-04_0010  2014-06-04_0012 2014-06-04_0013 2014-06-04_0014 2014-06-04_0015 2014-06-04_00192014-06-04_0016


Stylist & Props:  Christine Maciocia, Event Stylist (http://www.christinemaciocia.wordpress.com)

Photography: Nikki Sheffield (http://www.nikkisheffieldphotography.co.uk/)

Location:  Whipley Manor Farm.

Models:  William & Christine

Wedding cake:  Truly Scrumptious Chesham

Hair & Makeup:  Natasha Howden (howden.natasha22@hotmail.com)

Owners and horses: Caitlin Fahy’s dressage pony Moonshine Boy and Vicki Glynn’s show horse Red Rock

Behind the scenes photos!


Before… And After.


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