Chritmas 2015 styling

Christmas has always been a magical time of the year for me going way back into my childhood where the whole extended family of aunts and uncles, grand parents and cousins.  We would hired a hotel to celebrate it in together.
For me its is a time to play and a time to create. This year I dressed up with what I could find in my theatrical wardrobe, as a Victorian lady, to add to the styling effect. The Victorian Christmas seen in books is where it all began and is very hard to recapture their opulence and theatre which they did so well.
I change  my theme  every year. It is exciting for the grand children to enter my little Christmas cave and for the whole family to be all together which is hard now our family consist of 14 people and another one on the way and all with very busy lives.
I wish you all, where ever you are, a very joyful, healthy and happy new year.  Here’s to 2016.2015-12-29_00032015-12-29_00042015-12-29_00052015-12-29_00062015-12-29_00072015-12-29_00082015-12-29_00092015-12-29_00102015-12-29_00112015-12-29_00122015-12-29_00132015-12-29_00142015-12-29_00152015-12-29_00162015-12-29_00172015-12-29_00182015-12-29_00192015-12-29_00202015-12-29_00212015-12-29_00222015-12-29_00232015-12-29_00242015-12-29_00252015-12-29_00262015-12-29_00272015-12-29_00282015-12-29_00292015-12-29_0030


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