For more information about my work please contact me at

I’m always pleased to answer questions and would love to hear from you!


One Response to Contact

  1. Anna Moller says:

    Dear Christine, how are you?I just saw the programe May the best house win and I really loved your taste andyour house.Like you Im passionate about my house But your house is stunning and magical!!!!! Do you sell any cushions like the ones in your bed?would you like to sell your chandelier in your living room?I loved your kitchen as well,actually I lved everything about your taste and You as a person !would be able to help me on turning my hose in to similar like your?You should have won the programme by the wAy in my opinion!my name is Anna and I live near Bath, and Im a dentist But if I could I would work with interior desinger.I buy lts of books and magazines about decoration and hopefully we will become friends and of you could, you may beable to help me transforming my cottage in to something similar to yours!ypur yaste is AMAZINNG xxxx Regards,Anna

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